Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

Playlist number 1 – When you click on this, the idea is to not watch, but listen. Listen and at some point say “Oh wow. This played.”


Two days back, I created this blog. For a long time now, I have been feeling disconnected and demotivated. I have been missing things like having a window in my room. Or, going on long walks at night and looking at how the trees cast a shadow under the street lamp. Or, simply sitting in a space with a friend and having an honest conversation.

I have had a few simple things in my life. I enjoy playing music for people. I like writing. I like being in spaces where these things can come together. And, I love communicating through pictures.

So, two days back, there was a moment, when I wanted to find myself something which brings the joy back. And I did.

I decided to create this blog. And be ambitious! For the next one year, or rather 50 weeks, I will take out time and do one post per week. These posts will have me writing, sharing playlists and uploading a picture to go with all of it!

I hope I do this. I hope I give myself the one or two hours every week that I owe myself. And, I hope this transpires into something beautiful where I find my ‘simple thing’ again.

P.S: “Somewhere only we know” by Keane is one of my favorite songs. I probably would not have done this post, if it had not randomly played on YouTube tonight.


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