Look into my eyes and you will see, what you do to me.

Playlist 2

Do you ever wish to be a part of something big? Tonight, I do.

I am sitting on my couch listening to music and guess who played? Bryan Adams. Aah! He sang “Look in to my eyes..” and I had a smile.  I truly believe nobody has sung or spoken those lines with such sincerity till date. And probably, no one ever will.

The next song that played was Heaven. What played was a live performance by Adams at Wembley stadium and it began with a crowd singing the first few lines of Heaven, together in perfect unison. And that is when I knew. Someday I wish to be a part of a crowd, singing Heaven together or for that matter any song, and know that I am a part of something big. A place where several unite and it is for something as beautiful as singing a few verses together and in that moment experiencing the warmth and love, we wish ourselves to be capable of as a species.

Someday I wish to be a part of something big and while being present among a thousand or more, feel significant and mesmerized.

Be there standing amidst a thousand other people, singing the words and looking into the eyes of the artist, singing and smiling, letting him/her know, that he/she got through. He/she made me feel through his song, what he/she felt in that moment and we connected.

And maybe it was not even about him/her knowing, but just me knowing that you can connect with people over a melody and in that moment experience a sense of joy that no one can ever dispute.

I am an idealist today. I am an idealist today because I know it was a good day for the the city I live in. That is a whole lot to believe in, but, today I do. The air was fresher and the smiles were broader. I don’t think it was just what I saw or felt. While my every other day is an auto driver, who never listens, today was someone, who understood. While my everyday is people wanting to get done with the day, today was a day , they did not want should end. Today was a day when I met a young boy at a traffic signal who sold flowers and offered me a mango while enjoying one himself.

Today was a better day and I truly believe it was because all of somewhere gave into something bigger to experience peace and joy. All of us came together under a blue cloudy sky, on a rainy day.

All of us became a part of something big and probably sang a song, in perfect unison.


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