Call it dreaming

Playlist 3 – This post is a dreamy one. I heard each song, with my eyes shut, and wrote a para. I hope it turns out to be a dreamy one for you too.  🙂

I am sitting on a rock by the river as I see a small meadow on the other side. I imagine a table full of people eating, drinking, singing, laughing underneath small twinkly lights.

I am staring at the yachts parked in the sea as my hands are entwined with yours. I imagine a nostalgia so strong, that the moment feels more than I could ever ask for.

I am in a car driving to a waterfall, driving on a narrow winding road with small plantations and a forest all around. I imagine someday cycling on the same narrow winding road, eating cherries from my cycle basket.

I am listening to a jazz band perform at a garden party. I am imagining swirling someone around under small twinkly lights as we laugh together to hide our awkwardness.

I am looking at a window of a house with yellow lights. I am imagining home, where close ones sit, with light music playing in the background and the house smelling of the food that is cooking.

I am driving by the airport. I am imagining being on a plane, headed towards a holiday, on an evening flight where the lights are dimmed and all that there is, is a tinge of yellow shade inside the flight, as you descend upon a world of houses and roads, all identified as lights for a moment in time.

I am with you as you speak and yet you don’t. I imagine honesty.

I am watching the rain through my office window. I am imagining sitting on the front porch of my house, as it rains and eating salted Jamun.

I am dreaming. While I imagine living.


“Is dil ki aadat yahi hai, girkar sambhalta nahin hai.” – The last song ❤


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